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    Well, what we did with another player is to set up an scenario with a Nyx Tankette, and we stood there inside for 24 hs. It Works. Is not a secret anymore.
  2. martinvc78

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    Any help from Devs, please?
  3. martinvc78

    Tanks DLC achievements

    Wiki, how did you get them? Can you help us? Please.
  4. martinvc78

    Steam Achievements

    Thanks Venator. I saw that. But it doesn't say much on how to get it really. It's like the owner of this post said. There are many variables.
  5. martinvc78

    Steam Achievements

    I was trying to get this achievment too. What I have read is that you need a Rhino to get it. I'll try this and tell you my findings. Hope that works.