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  1. Hey guys, i'm looking for a casual clan based in Europe. I've got some few hundred hours in Arma 3 and a few hours put into Arma 2. I can say that i'm not a pro and i probably suck at the game when compared to most of the community, but i think my skills are enough. Btw i forgot to mention that i'm 16, that means that i can't really afford the time to attend some 100 hours long ops twice a week because of school. I haven't played on ace or TF radio for quite some time so i'll need a refresher on that. I like Zeusing but since i've just recently got into the whole thing my missions would be sub-par when compared to some veterans ones, although i am familiar with Achilles and somewhat with MCC. Those are my loose requirements: -Friendly, relaxed community -No imitation of irl militaries to mil-sim levels, i don't want to get kicked out of clan just because i didn't attend the training once and because i called xXxGamer1945xXx 'dude' instead of 'Sir', -Some sort of organisation so that ops don't turn into anarchy and so that i can find out what is happening, -I'm mainly looking for Co-op and Zeus missions but i am okay with PVP, -If possible, no ultra-heavy mod packs with mods that are never used during ops,