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  1. shogujin

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    Thanks a lot for your answers. After reinstalling the game the options started to appear.
  2. shogujin

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    I've tried it many times but it doesn't work. After that I tried tweaking the TS_fnc file -removing conditions and so- and still didn't work. Seems to not recognize the buildings in the first place. If we're running the same pbo then it must be something with my own game in particular so no need to worry. Thanks for everything.
  3. shogujin

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried standing all around various buildings in the base, even inside. Having the 200 starting materials nothing happened, no mouse action popped up besides the door opening. Don't know if it's a bug or some resource missing or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks anyway.
  4. shogujin

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    Hi, been playing a few days and it looks promising, but I can't figure how to assign buildings. Could anyone help. Thanks.