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    ARMA 2 Video freezing.

    So this just started happening, thought it was my GPU driver, but i just rolled it back to when the game ran fine and im having this issue, where the video completely FREEZES up, not related to FPS, but doesnt crash. I can still hear real-time audio, including my character walking around and shooting, but if i do the flush command (RSHIFT+NUMPAD- then type flush) it comes back for a random amount of time before completely locking up again. I have tried everything; removing and adding various CPU/GPU overclocks/underclocks, changed RAM timing, verified game files, uninstall/reinstall, altering resolution/video settings, rolling back/updating GPU/CPU drivers, updating steam, changing installation location, changing GPU fan speed, disabling AV, disabling firewall. I havent changed anything about my system at all since i built my new pc, and even then, the game worked flawlessly. Things that have always been on my pc since this stopped working: Discord Steam Chrome/Firefox my AV (comodo) Origin My system specs are as follows, and have been this way since building this pc: AMD Ryzen 5 1600x 16gb 3000mhz ram MSI GTX 1060 6gb armor OC this issue JUST started happening about 2 days ago. please help me, i want to keep playing. and before you ask, NO, this doesnt happen with ANY OTHER GAMES!