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  1. JawlessRegent64

    Need Assistance With Mods

    Hey thanks everyone, I actually had gotten ahold of the creator of the mod I was trying to play and he informed me of the bug in the CBA update (then I forgot to check back to the forum I posted on), I somehow hadn't noticed the mod updated. Probably in the process of transferring drives and assumed the update was just it reinstalling. Nevertheless I appreciate the assistance everybody
  2. JawlessRegent64

    Need Assistance With Mods

    I'm still fairly new to moding in general so I'm sorry if I'm difficult to work with. I've tried running the "Repair" option in the A3 launcher when you right-click on the mod, and it didn't work either, and checking integrity did nothing.
  3. JawlessRegent64

    Need Assistance With Mods

    The launcher says my mods are all up-to-date I'm trying it again now. If its an error with the update can I roll it back somehow?
  4. JawlessRegent64

    Need Assistance With Mods

    https://imgur.com/70oc1ZJ Here's a screenshot of the error, I can continue to open and close the ALiVE menu after the error also but the only option that will open anything is the "Newsfeed".
  5. JawlessRegent64

    Need Assistance With Mods

    what do you mean by watch for my CBA mod?
  6. JawlessRegent64

    Need Assistance With Mods

    I had initially posted in Addons and Mods but worried I may be posting in the wrong location after I noticed the troubleshooting section... so here is my Re-post, anything helps, I've found no info on this issue anywhere. Essentially I reinstalled steam and Arma 3 onto a larger drive on my PC, I had the Inshalla mod by HeroesandvillansOS working perfectly before this, now when try to use the ALiVE menu, the list comes up, and when I choose one of the options I get the following error message: "Script PATHTO_SUB(cbauiflexiMenufnc_list) not found" I have no idea what to do. I also get the same error when using any of the mods by this creator also, but I didn't have any of these issues previously. I've verified integrity of Arma on steam, and deleted and reinstalled the mods, but it still wont work... Suggestions?