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  1. hi, i want to know how the file patching work because i have enable it and it doesn't work so i don't know why ? the addon structure :
  2. i have created an extension.dll in c++ but when i add and "if,else" statement the code doesn't work but only for the extension in arma 3 because i have put the code in an other project and the code work prefecly so it's not my code but i don't know why arma 3 doesn't recognize the "if,else" statement nad i have nothing in .rpt with out extension loaded.
  3. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    if you have a question tell me
  4. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    i don't add the symbol WIN64 but i have change the build property to x64 | the project if you want to see the code : https://mega.nz/#!4RdGAQDA!QO-brdBBQXZwfgT5s1yTro0Lngx_wpy_m0BdUP8D80E and when arma crash because the .dll have a bug or an error the .rpt say nothing and i have disable battleye because he say "'MyExtension' could not be loaded: insufficient system resources to complete the requested service" and when the .dll is compiled i rename it with _x64 example : "ClassLibrary1_x64.dll"
  5. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    i have found the bug and it worked | you need to remove the if,else,endif | my code : https://pastebin.com/PK44pg4q and for the people who like visual basic i have convert the c# to visual basic and i have test it and it work so the code is : https://pastebin.com/aua8QsyD
  6. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    yes, i will make a test and send a new message with information
  7. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    thx but wich tutorials ? because this tutorial : http://maca134.co.uk/tutorial/write-an-arma-extension-in-c-sharp-dot-net/ is outdated and i need a "namespace" ? or not ? because the class "MyExtension" is not in a namespace edit : i have do that with your code : "http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-how-to-make-arma-extension-part-1/" and it work perfecly but in c# nope
  8. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    yes, i have changed the build in visual studio to x64 but when the file is compiled i don't see the "_x64" so i rename it but it doesn't work
  9. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    No i don't have "Test-Extension v1.0" in .rpt
  10. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    yes he return an empty string "" and debugger ? i have change the output.Append(function) to output.Append("Teste") but he return the same value an empty string
  11. ramirezdu06

    Create Extension.dll

    yes sorry i have see the rpt and he say that : 0:39:21 Call extension 'MyExtension' could not be loaded: Ressources systeme insuffisantes pour terminer le service demande | in english : 0:39:21 Call extension 'MyExtension' could not be loaded: insufficient system resources to complete the requested service edit : i have removed battleye and when i call i don't have any error in rpt but it doesn't work too.
  12. hi, i want to create an extension.dll in c# but it doesn't work. I use only the c# code on : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Extensions screen of my code thx
  13. ramirezdu06

    Add arsenal to other player

    no i want to add the arsenal to me but the player/unit who is in arsenal is not me but the player/unit but setunitLoadout is good but i don't want that but thx
  14. how to open arsenal on a player ? i want to control the loadout but not on me but on other player/units ? same of zeus but in a script.
  15. ramirezdu06

    Multi Texture | PIP Help

    thx Mr H. for your anwser and my object have only one selection but if both is not possible why bohemia can do it ? because when you see this video : At 1:09 Second you see a pip with drone camera and other draw on screen