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  1. Russian motorized rifle and Tank division Mods :Polpox, RHSAFRF, Direone relax pose, Arma3 aegis,SPR
  2. Nicolia'z

    POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    Problem only Tanoua map
  3. Nicolia'z

    POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    why i alway start on high screen?
  4. He's On Foot Mod:Polpox,AK vest,Spr,RHS,Russia2035,Arma3 military gearpack,Dire one animation,ZSL,Whiplash Static Animations,Nikotan
  5. "Operation Enduring Freedom" Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) was the official name used by the U.S. government for the Global War on Terrorism. On October 7, 2001, in response to the September 11 attacks, President George W. Bush announced that airstrikes targeting Al Qaeda and the Taliban had begun in Afghanistan. Mod:RHS,Polpox,Nikotan,Cla afghanistan, Whiplash Static Animations
  6. Tenno Heika Banzai ! ! ! Mods:Face of war,Polpox,Nikotan,ZSL,Eniter 3d,Arma3 non editor,Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack
  7. Tanoa Part 2 [Capture] mods:Nikotan,ZSL,Polpox
  8. Tanoa [A little hope] Part 1 Mods:Polpox,Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack,Direone combat pose,Arma3 non Editor
  9. Break barriers Mods:RHS,Nikotan,TFR,Polpox,Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack
  10. Nicolia'z

    POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    have problem when i use face expressions
  11. \ Mods:Polpox,Nikotan,Cup vehicle,Arma3 none editor,Emiiter3D,Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack,Nikotan,Tryk.RHS,Project True Viking,Lythium,USMC
  12. Aegis mod,Polpox,Dire one combat pose,RHS,CLA Clafgan
  13. Mods:Fallujah,polpox,direone combate pose,Nikotan,US Military Mod
  14. Mods:RHSUSAF,Polpox,Tryk,kunduz,Nikotan,ZSL,Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack