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  1. I've been killed, literally, taking 30 seconds trying to get the 'x' to look inside thing to pop up... Like what gives? just let me point at the friggin thing and open it...? Some containers, it's like I have to be at the perfect angle, at the perfect distance when I'M RIGHT FRIGGIN IN FRONT OF THE OBJECT. It's litter ally at times taken my 30 seconds too look inside something.
  2. I wouldn't insta die or even suffer too much of an injury if any at all from the fall deaths I've taken in this game. super super annoying. I've had incredibly silly fall deaths loosing a whole lot of loot. Not fun to play sorry. I've even died once sliding down a slope which in real life, may have resulted maybe, at most, a scrape on my bum. oh yea, and that ladder tower thing in the game tutorial when you first play... Myself and two other friends have died going up that tower and then dying on the fall down... Before you ask why we didn't climb down, first of all, that's not a height of insta death. Secondly, we didn't climb down, because the friggin 'X' to climb down thing WOULD NOT POP UP.
  3. WHY IS MY GUN NOT SHOOTING! AHHHHH some weird stuff going on here with the code. I've always had positional advantage on these players as well, and then all of sudden my gun isn't shooting right.... GREAT. I won't be playing this game for long is this stays like this. really sluggish gun play, i don't know how to explain it other than I have. Sluggish, choppy, inconsistent, erratic, suddenly can lo longer shoot gun play. btw, it's not just me, because I play Ghost Recon which has the exact same 3rd person/over-the-should aim/1st person aim game mechanics, and it's not this choppy and erratic. They even have the 3rd person hipfire delay as well... it's just a lot smoother in that game.
  4. It always happens at the most inconvenient friggin times man
  5. Confirmed the hip fire is f'd in this game. First of all, the delay is too much. sorry, but it does not take that long to snap your gun to firing position. Secondly, the delay comes back between bursts of fire - like wtf. no. just no. After I've fired once, my Gun should stay in firing position for at least 10 seconds or... like 30 seconds. It's annoying af. You put all these things together, + lag, + shooting lag +, etc. it's not fun....
  6. Some really weird shooting lag, where either my gun won't fire.. or it is firing but appears to not be firing.. Very annoying bug. There was been times where my gun will just not shoot. And then there is times where my gun isn't shooting, but I am getting hitting markers on enemy. It's gotten my killed numerous times. very bad bug. It's bad enough how there is a delay to hip fire. way too long.
  7. Another player killed the player with the box, and things became very close quarters and I got confused for a second because I though the other player had already picked up the box off the killed player and took off, so I started looking around and then BANG. I'm dead, the other player was actually just coming to pick up the box. If a player is killed with a box, icon needs to become yellow, until it is picked up again.
  8. I think it would be cool, if the longer you stay alive, the more your character has developed in strength and ability, like an PRG game. This puts more pressure on not dying, which increases the survive tension of the game. So, you lose the loot you had on you, and you have to start a new character from scratch. Now the difference between a ability/strength-maxed-out-character and a new "weak" character should not be great, it should be a very subtle thing. A tiny bit quicker, a tiny bit more stamina, a little bit better aim, a little bit quicker at unlocking the safe, etc. You choose what it is you upgrade on your character stats and you can only upgrade so much... You can't max out everything. So you can decide to balance your upgrades to have an overall talented jack of all master of none character, or you can put all your points towards sniper scope stability/aiming but lack in everything else. Maybe also, there can be a "leadership" ability, in which the game gives you additional characters you keep at your shelter you can change between, or even let a friend play as. Maybe up to 3. You can develop these characters differently so that they compliment each others abilities - some of which could help you, like a character who specializes in medicine and healing, helps you recoup quicker after coming back to shelter.
  9. VancouverCanada

    Smoke Grenades

    Rare item. Use to capture a box, conceal an exit point, or just out of a situation of being pinned down.
  10. For Shotguns Slug, 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 80 pellet birdshot, 6 pellet birdshot, and definitely Flechette shells. Higher number of pellets = more spread per distance and quicker drop in velocity.. I would like to decide how I load my shotgun before I go out to survive an encounter. You should be able to do this in your shelter, but also, enter a gun loading screen in game allowing you to single tap 'a' to load one shell of whichever you are choosing. Like, an ammunition inventory gun loading GUI. Open your inventory, and right-trigger to get to magazine/ammo loading screen. So you have to custom load your magazines essentially before leaving, or risk taking the time to do it in game. Certain ammo types are more rare to find and are prized. For bullets, - Full Metal Jacket, Hollow Point, Tracer (useful for when playing a teammate as it shows your friend where/who you are shooting at) and more exotic ammo types like Jacketed Hollow Point... see FPSRussia See Hollow Point ammo gameplay thread: players would reload magazines in the order of what they are in their inventory and there should be an ability to enter a re-organization mode, to move reload order around and also an option to load a specific magazine to disregard the inventory order. You can also have a quicker magazine selection wheel for in the moment game player by opening gun selecter wheel then changing to an ammo magazine selector for current held gun. Players can customize magazines to be a mixture of Full Metal Jacket and Hollow Point, or have every 5th round be a tracer. The player HAS to carry magazines in their inventory to be able to load a gun. They can carry both bulk ammo and magazines, but their magazines need to be loaded with the ammo. If you only bring one magazine, you will need to reload that mag with the bulk ammo you brought or found once its out. Of coarse, this will take up kit space, so players need to be smart and think about how the play and what/how much to bring and take smart shots. If they run out of full mags, they need to find a safe space to reload their mags. I would also like players to have an option between normal gun reload, and quick reload. Normal reload retains the magazine and the ammo that is left in it. Quick Reload dumps the mag with the ammo in it which the player loses ( or make it hard to find on the ground after). This adds really really interesting survival elements to the game.
  11. Allow teammates to enter each others shelter to see each others progress, share the firing range
  12. Knowing where the player is who captured the box, should only be possible if you've acquired GPS tracker and are carrying it on you. Another cool thing you could do if you add this, is for there to be a place on maps that is some sort of satellite/radio tower office you can hack to momentarily get the GPS locations of all players on map. Only for a short duration though, and other players will know you have done so and that you are at the "radio tower" station building. So, you give your position away in order to know everyones position.
  13. There needs to be a way to easily spot your teammate. so I thought instead of just automatically adding an icon in the game... in order to get they icon, you actually both need to find walkie-takies or GPS navigators or something. This will however take up a slot. The difference between the two items are as so, Walkie-Talkies give you the ability to know exactly what is going on with your team mate - health status, when they're being shot at and roughly from which direction via map coordinates. Players can only give themselves momentary exact location pings by both pinging their talkies. GPS on the other hand gives exact locations of teammate all the time, but you don't get to know your friends health status and that type of info. Carry both, you get the full features of both. But it takes up slots in your inventory. Both of you having both, will allow you to ping enemy positions on the map - see ghost recon wildlands (not talking about the marks in Ghost Recon, but the momentary ping mark you can set by aiming and pressing 'a'.
  14. You can only capture an object once, as you only need one of each at your shelter. you might run into other players needing the same objects for their shelter. A roll of BX electrical cable, or a medical table, etc. Like Survival shopping at Ikea.