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  1. Kodiaq2

    Heli Pilot Camera

    Hello! I need like a pilot cam for a mission i'm preparing but i see that ArmA 3 doesn't have it as a default feature. So, what can i do? Mods that can help me? Cause, i'm not good by scripting and i don't know where to start. Thanks in Advance.
  2. Kodiaq2

    Useable searchlight mod

    I downloaded the mod and started it. If i go on properties of every vehicle i see the name of the Mod but i don't understand what i have to change and if i have to change something.
  3. Kodiaq2

    Useable searchlight mod

    And... How do i do a convoy? I tried using the function waypoint "follow" but it doesn't work. I'm noob, i know. Thanks 😄
  4. Kodiaq2

    Useable searchlight mod

    Hello! As the title says, i'm searching for a mod able to activate and directly use and move a heli searchlight, or even a vehicle/building one. Is there any mod able to do that? I tried with a script but i really don't know how to play it.