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  1. Hi All, I'm LLion and I've just started getting into Arma 3 and loving it so far, got through most showcases, most of the campaign and some SP scenarios. Been trying out some MP, mostly Invade & Annex and I'm starting to crave something more, specifically that feeling of cooperation that Arma can give. A little about me: I am 24 years old, from Italy but I've lived and worked across a few different countries, including UK, USA, China and others. English might as well be my first language by now so that should not be a problem. I have a very good rig that I use for work (heavy CPU needed) and I can usually run the game on maxed settings without a problem. I also have a decent Headset and Mic (although planning on upgrading the mic soon). I work a lot so I won't be always available. I prefer weekends and late nights GMT+1 time. I am looking look a casual milsim experience, where we play for fun, there are no mandatory missions and events (often I can't make it for work) and the ranks are for organization rather than enforced titles and such. I'd rather still have some maturity in the group so probably 20+ is best, but I'm not against trying. I am still quite new to the game so may need to teaching/catching up with some stuff. I'm mostly looking for Co-op missions or Zeus and things like that but I'm willing to try almost anything. Thanks All