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  1. I am not sure if this is in the right part of the forums. I Created a custom map For Arma 3. I used A2 and A3 assets. but when i load it up in the game it takes longer to load,compared to Any other map in the game or in CUP. is there any reasons as to why it would take longer ? I used all of Arma 3 tools to create and pack the map.
  2. Battlestar255

    Sliding Doors

    I used Translationx animation to make a sliding door for a hangar. it works in o2 but not in the actual game. does anyone have an example sliding door script i can mimic?
  3. Battlestar255

    creating Custom clutter

    so I have made a wheat crop to add to my fields for my map and I used the asset b_ArundoD2s_F as my base template to create mine. I initially tried to use a basic grass clutter and it worked fine except it would not render when it was far away. I used the Bush Grass From Arma 3 to create my Wheat Asset but it has created this problem here. https://imgur.com/a/DiDi39u. does anyone know how to remove that slightly clear glitchy look that the crops in the distance have ?
  4. Battlestar255

    MCA Textures for trees.

    so in the process of making trees and textures for the assets. i see that Bohemia has used a texture format of _MCA. does anyone know what this is used for and how to make one? it seems like a slightly translucent texture. but i'm not sure of its purpose.
  5. Battlestar255

    Shadows and Lighting

    Thank you! My Rvmats weren’t done properly and some textures didn’t have any.
  6. Battlestar255

    Arma Tree Samples

    So I am trying to create some custom trees for my map I am making. I have used the sample tree in arma 3 tools but I am trying to make a pine tree and the one in the samples pack isn’t a pine tree. I was wondering if anyone knew where or how I can get a sample tree from Arma 2 or Arma 3 that is a pine tree? I have used blender and the sapling addon to create trees and export them into O2. I am just struggling to get the leaves to look proper.
  7. Battlestar255

    Shadows and Lighting

    so I have made models for Arma 3 and they all have been imported but all of them the shadows and brightness of the Textures overall Contrast from the Arma 3 Assets. They look like this : https://imgur.com/a/k4os2oN. How do I get models to look similar to the lighting and shadows of the ones Already in the Game ?
  8. Battlestar255

    Trees on a sat map

    Okay ! thank you! I made a 16384x16384 map and my Sat map resolution is 1 to 1. should i create a higher res Sat map ?
  9. Battlestar255

    Trees on a sat map

    so I have made a new map and I created a sat map with real satellite images and it looks great except for one thing. in the distance I can see the trees from on the Sat Map on the Ground it looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/rXVSEq4. is there any way to fix this so it is more blended together like on other maps?. would a blurrier image of the forest work better? https://imgur.com/a/rXVSEq4.
  10. Battlestar255

    Custom Trees

    Yeah I saw this as well but it is still a little vague on textures. Thank you though
  11. Battlestar255

    Custom Trees

    I have been getting into terrain and model making for Arma 3. I have made my own maps and have created custom buildings. i wanted to make Custom Tree assets to use in my maps. is there any tutorials on how to do so? I have Used the Sapling Plugin for Blender to create trees but I cant seem to texture the leaves very well. if any one has insight into this that would be awesome.
  12. I'm creating a garage building and I have a translation animation for the door but it causes this https://imgur.com/a/WYaGaAr. is there a way I can animate the door to not glitch through or is there another type of animation that can be used ?
  13. Battlestar255

    Sounds to Materials

    is there a list of sounds that i can use ?
  14. Battlestar255

    Sounds to Materials

    Do you mean like the texture and rvmat ? and the rvmat will specify the sound ?
  15. Battlestar255

    Sounds to Materials

    I am not sure if this is a scripting or modeling question, but I Finished making a model and when I walk around in it I do not hear foot steps. how to do I add sounds to a material