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  1. When I try to load up a mission it loads, goes to the map screen, then kicks back to the loading screen and stays stuck there. I'm not sure at all what could be causing this and was wondering if anyone could have an answer Here is the RPT: RPT Here is the mods used: @3denEnhanced;@[SFF-R]IslamicState;@[SFF-R]RussianSpetsnaz;@[SFF]InternationalPoliceSpecialUnits;@[SFF]PrivateMilitaryContractors;@[SFF]US75thRangerRegiment;@Ace;@ACECompatRHSUSAF;@ACECompRHSAFRF;@ACECompRHSGREF;@ACEExtAtchSwitch;@ACEInterMenuExp;@ACEX;@Achilles;@AdvRappelling;@AdvUrbanRappel;@Anizay;@BackpackOnChest;@CBA_A3;@CSATOverhauled[RHS];@CUPACE3CompatibilityAddonTerrains;@CUPTerrainsCore;@CUPTerrainsMaps;@DualPrimWeaps;@EnhancedMovement;@Esseker;@FIAOverhauled[RHS];@KunduzAfghanistanFixed Doors;@MAKTACInsignia;@MCCSandbox;@MontellaTerrainMod;@NIARMSACECompat;@NIArmsAIO;@NIArmsCore;@NIArmsRHSCompat;@OPFORFIAOverhauled[RHS];@PreiKhmaoch;@RHSAFRF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF;@RHSUSAF;@ShackTac;@SMA;@TacticalPositionReady;@TF47Launchers;@USSpecialOperationsForcesCollection;@VSMAIO;@ZEC;@ZECCUP;@ZEI; Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Apologies for that, I'm new here and did not know to do that first, but I believe i got it fixed, there was a mod preventing us to load in and after removing the mod, we can now load in just fine. If i run into this issue again, I'll follow the steps above. Thanks!