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    What this game can be.

    Amour and attachments have already been addressed and its a no, its not one of those games. It doesn't feel "pay to win" to me, maybe you should get better? If you want the constant fire fight feel, stop hiding and sneaking about, go looking for those fights and make them happen. I don't get why you're mentioning NPC's, Vigor is an online loot and shoot PVP survival game, not a quest based story driven loot and shoot game. If those are the things you're wanting in a game then you might have the wrong game to be honest. The game is still in preview though and things might change and swing your way with loot and customisation come the summer.
  2. Real_Rez

    What this game can be.

    The game is fine as it is and improvements that have been made keep the original flow of the game. NPC's aren't needed, this is not EFT its Vigor. The game has already come such a long way, things you have touched on have already had a solid no from the devs (armour and attachments), matches are long enough, wipe the server if youre good enough and play it right you can last 28 minutes before leaving, which believe me is far too long, ive done it. I dont see your logic in traders either, its sooo easy to get loot, it should be harder imo and loot is fine, look harder or kill more to up your loot :) Have fun surviving out there dude.
  3. Real_Rez

    My P.O.V

    My take - The centre exit on Grøntheim Valley is a choice as all exits are, nothing forces you to chose that exit, its a personal choice. Also there is nothing that says an exit doesnt have to be a challenge as all exits are different: some have move cover than others, some have no cover at all. The one you are referencing does have a jump to make but its very doable. Its always your choice on which exit to use though, remember. - Weapons have never jammed on me, that is a bug that seems like your weapon has jammed but it is still firing however there is no recoil or sound making it seem the case. - Loot crate rewards work on RnG, its random. Sure it can take some grinding to get that AKM blueprint you want but it will come, thats RnG - All those knives are used, I come across so many sneaky players using them. The game isn't just designed around one play style it caters to other players styles that differ in comparison to your own. -Resources are nicely balanced now, Chems have been buffed, I played a game on Fisk not so long ago and came out with 15 and my duo partner came out with 6, 21 Chems is a big haul. Resources are more plentiful. A box can have up to 5 chems in but it can also just have one, keep scouting before other players find them. - Gaining level 32 is quiet easy tbh, its after that the real grind comes in, it didn't take me months to hit level 58 which is two away from level 8 shelter, I think months is a little off. _ In all honesty I dont really think there is a great deal of farming in the game, sure there the beginning game but once you figure things out there comes a point where you become selective about what you pick up. Because of where am at in game now Ive become more of a player hunter than a looter, sure I still loot things and go for the safe but I dont personally need to do that farming you say takes months, but everyone is different, this is only my opinion. I hope you start getting better luck with your crates and start finding better loot and make a successful extraction, I'll be out there trying to ruin your attempts 😏 If you're wondering how long it has took me to get where I am at? I've had the game since 15th Jan this year, hasnt took me long to get where I'm at. If you would like to come watch me play I stream a lot www.mixer.com/rezurrekted (twitter: Rezurrekted), there will be a very lengthy stream next week sometime, you should stop by ☺️ Remember its currently a preview game and currently and unfinished article, things improve all the time. Rez
  4. Real_Rez

    Shoot through walls??

    I shoot players who hide in the barred house through the gaps in the boarded up doors or windows a lot. Each to their own but staying in there whilst waiting for the vault to pop can lead to death 😏
  5. Real_Rez

    F2P Launch date?

    As stated above Q1 ☺️
  6. Real_Rez

    Heavy weapon recoil

    Correct you are no gun expert, it isn't law for recoil it go straight vertical. The RPK is actually fairly realistic, the recoil IRL is insane like with other LMG's IRL, infact IRL you cant run around with an LMG, they're usually mounted for the reason that recoil is so immense and the weapons are so heavy.