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    Arma 3 Custom Warlords

    I am trying to create a custom warlords mission using my the four RHS mods with it's own asset list. However I am unsure of where I have screwed up within the description.ext file. Is there anyone who could point out where I have stuffed up (I have mostly followed the Custom Warlords tutorial) (Paste bin: https://pastebin.com/jEsSKS6t)
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    Holy Fucking shit man, I did not see that, you solved all of my problems. I am crying in happiness, this caused me such a pain. You are a damn true blue legend mate, @Matth1.
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    I am having problems creating a custom RHS units Asset list in the description.ext file, would anyone be able to help me? (Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/jEsSKS6t) The current problems that I face are: [the file directory] line 2 { found instead of =, line 4 and line 6. If I replace all { in these lines with = the next problem I get is that of 'line 6.: member already defined' Finally if I remove the = in line 6, the final problem is that of 'input after EndOfFile' Thanks for any help in advanced.