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    I guess there's no way to change the defaults? Kinda ruins the official servers experience imo and as they are the most populated servers. I also can't find #1, #4 or #5 in the params but if we can't change params in official servers anyway it doesn't matter if they're in there or not, for those of us who play on official servers. Personally, I think these changes should be made for the default/official versions but of course it's only my feedback, others no doubt have a different opinion. Feel free to do what you wish with it.
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    Thanks for making this, it's really good fun and a great way to put all the assets to good use. A few feedback points... #1 - Rhinos need to be reconsidered. At the moment, artillery has been taken out of this game type for obvious reasons. The Rhino acts as an extremely accurate artillery piece that can be hidden anywhere on the larger maps. With only a 2k view-distance it is almost impossible to find it and with ammo boxes it has infinite ammo. This is extremely unbalanced. Potential fixes would be to either take the Rhino out of the came entirely, but that seems a bit extreme. Alternatively, remove that one specific ammo type in this scenario, which would be more suitable for the issue. #2 - View distance The view distance is quite restrictive considering this scenario encourages the use of jets/helicopters and long range, high tech, equipment in general. I understand that it's for balance to some extent, but 2k seems very short. My view is that 4k or 5k would be a much more enjoyable experience while also keeping balance. #3 - Ability to change target city at a vote Simply put, choosing a bad city can ruin the rest of the (hours and hours of) gameplay. Being able to switch this, or have a way that other INDI/Green towns can be captured as well as the target city would be beneficial to gameplay. #4 - Death when entering cities that are unconquerable Totally understand why this needs to be in there, but maybe the death radius could be made slightly smaller. When flying from airfield to AO it can be annoying, and when trying to hunt for hidden Rhino's around the entire map it becomes just another thing that makes it easier to Artillery spam with a Rhino, fixing #1 would obviously fix this too... maybe. 5# - First person official servers Would be great to have a "hardcore" first person only mode hosted by some official servers. Maybe with 3rd allowed in vehicles only to allow for some ease-of-play to encourage more people to try it. Thanks again for your hard work and effort going into this.