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  1. Dedmen, your are the best, thank you very much, will try that after work :) thx a lot for your help.
  2. no i dont use ACE. i just edited the link above, with the direct Picture. is your console in game different to mine?
  3. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/478878677566893936/1949CDF4FDC6B544FD2816C7ADCE4B4E1FC4BA61/ here you can see what i mean, there is an previous and next statment button.
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:A3_console_mission.jpg Are you talking about this in the link above? i will post a Picture after work from the console which i have. and yes there are previous / next buttons. For each script which i put in there, it will generate a new "site" which i can choose and activate.
  5. yes exactly, i mean the previous / next script buttons. ( to be more clear: while in game, i press ESC and then put the desired script in the debug console and hit local execute) i've used many, like inf amo for vehicles, less recoil, no fog etc pp. I hope you can understand what i mean now, im sry english is not my native language.
  6. Hellou Guys, i used many scripts for the debug console in game for testing purposes and fun. The problem is i havent found a solution yet to delete the unused scripts from the debug console. I tried to delete them with backspace and hit local execute. That worked for the actual session, but as soon as i start a new game, all the scripts and commands are there again. So i searched the internet and found this on the Bohemia Site: The debug console automatically saves each field as you go, Even after game restart. These can also be access using profileNamespace getVariable with the following code: Expression Field profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_expression"; 4x Watch Field profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch1"; profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch2"; profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch3"; profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch4"; Using the same variables you can also clear or change the fields. I dont understand the meaning of this, im not so into Scripting. The only thing i want is to delete / clear all my unused scripts, because its a pain to keep the overview over all the scripts which i use and which not. This is really bothering me, since i only use some of the scripts now and i dont want to go trough all the scripts everytime. I would be very happy i've some one could help me out :) Have a nice day.