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  1. I tried making a simple addon today, but when i launch Addon builder in Arma 3 Tools it starts doing it's thing packing the addon, but ends with "Build Failed. Result Code = 1 CfgConvert task failed" Config: https://pastebin.com/MuPXHQff Addonbuilder.rpt: https://pastebin.com/aHj40793 Addonbuilder.User.rpt : https://pastebin.com/Bp0VfCgV Thank you
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    Port forwarding

    Yes i am sure and i try anti-virus
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    Port forwarding

    Hello, i have little problem. I have server hosted on my PC and yesterday server running prefectly, but today when my friends want join steam pop up notification "Server not responding" and i dont know why, i have allowed all ports in firewall and router, i restarted PC and router too and server still not respond. Thanks for any help