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  1. Hello everyone I would like to modify an object in Object Builder by removing the headphones and leaving the hat simple, what I tried to do is: 1-remove the headphones 2-head selection - delete 3-recreate the head and give the redifne command when I then reload in game the hat appears between the character's legs where am i wrong? anyone have an idea?
  2. jollyroger666

    Robe does not fit the model

    Guys I really need help, I can't go on for 2 days I try to tie the points of the body with (neck, Spine3.Spine2) but then when I put it into play the model is completely wrong. any help is greatly appreciated thx
  3. jollyroger666

    Robe does not fit the model

    thx for the repaly, did youknow if there are some video tutorials? The semples with the skeleton i have to open in blender right? And adjust the skeleton with my model?
  4. Hi everybody I have a problem with the model I'm doing. I managed to draw with blender, texturize, and import into Arma 3. The object in this case a robe, does not fit the model. In the modell.CFG file I used neck as the attachment point but then I don't know how to proceed to make the dress follow the body. Here the immage https://ibb.co/vHjDWQH i know that is not pefect but for now the priority is to fit the robe. On google I tried to see but I found nothing. I thank in advance who will answer me
  5. jollyroger666

    White Textures in game

    HI usedragon i have your same problem I did not understand how you solved it can you explain it again pls? many thxs
  6. Hello fellows, I'm creating a mission that I would like to start with the binoculars or the rifle scope already open. I looked around but did not find anything. the script I am already using are these: this addWeapon "Binocular"; this selectWeapon "Binocular"; I miss the last step. Tips? Thanks in advance Jolly