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    I was brainstorming ways of making rhino spamming laser guided rounds as artillery less overpowering. I think adding a cost in CP for each reload at an ammo truck based on the ammo you are replacing could be a solution. eg: coax gun ammo could be around 50 CP for a full reload and the rhino LG rounds could be around 500 CP with a range between the two for other ammo types. this would allow all the current vehicle assets to remain in the game unchanged but add a cost to prolonged use of them which would require players to strategize use of ordnance rather than pump and dump and spam.
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    I'm loving this game mode so far but a few issues i see regularly arise that kind of tilt both teams and can ruin the experience (on official servers). the first is the problem that occurs with team killers. I have been in several games where someone will join the game and sit in spawn and kill anyone on their team that spawns in, this fact is made worse when they get a tank. because it takes such a large margin of votes to kick these players say goodbye to the next 15 to 30 minutes of productive gameplay. a system to automatically kick players who kill a certain number of teammates in a set timeframe would be nice with a temp ban for that server for the duration of that ongoing game session. I have been in games where team killers have stopped the momentum of a charge and then lost there team the game by disrupting that teams ability to re-enforce their lines secondly, a large number of people are abusing the rhinos laser guided rounds and using the top down fire mode in conjunction with drones from arsenal and an ammo truck to effectively have infinite long-range artillery. i tested the setup myself after being made aware of it. use arsenal (1000 cp) to get set up with a dart. move to an area in the effective range of the cannon that has elephant grass and drops in a rhino (4000 cp) and an ammo truck (750 cp) drive them into the elephant grass where their proximity to each other allows for infinite ammo in the rhino. turn both engines off so you cant be tracked by thermal and destroy everything on the other team. with practice, you can even fire a 3 round burst and quickly switch back to the drones laser turret before they splash down to use them as a mortar barrage against infantry using the map scans to identify and target squad leaders. I know you can identify the location of the rhino by following the shells back to the source or blind it by shooting down drones but this can be time-consuming and even if you find them at a cost of 5750 cp they can be relocated and be operational again in under 5 minutes. after trying loadouts in arsenal morter bags cant be spawned in the game. allowing one team an effective anti-infantry artillery option and having no counter on the other team gets very demoralizing. removing the laser-guided rounds if the hard fast solution. another would be to implement a reload timmer at ammo trucks to prevent this kind of pump and dump behavior. lastly, I have heard but not seen this one in use. I have been told that by spawning in a dart and parking it over then opposing teams HQ you can effectively stop fast travel as it is an enemy unit in proximity. this one is easily remedied by a quick sector scan and a few well-placed rounds but still... thanks for your time and hard work