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  1. kullwarrior


    I noticed the cleanup system on the redux is a bit extreme, I have ai bodies disappear in front of me as I'm walking to replace my item, it makes it much more difficult to the initial phase of the game especially when you're playing low players (often the case)
  2. kullwarrior


    This occurred with complete air dominance for a whole hour -where BLUFOR actively down enemy air and armor on a consistent basis. I was on OPFOR side when another player admitted that he's was abusing the glitch (did not respond whether he know how to trigger the glitch)
  3. kullwarrior


    It was eight shikra spawn at once with multiples in the air, this was when the OPFOR income was at ~300/min, X12-15 players with total of 4 hours progressed in-game
  4. kullwarrior


    So a few pages back I recall Kestral mentioning a bug where you income becomes unlimited, over the past week I noticed there are three incidences of someone calling air assets (sheer volume of Shikras) that simply isn't possible (based on the mathematics of income). 1) Are the Dev aware of such glitch? 2) Is there any fixes coming up for it?
  5. kullwarrior


    For those who think MGS is OP, here's a suggestion. Removed AR2 drone.
  6. kullwarrior


    Any chance we can see V-44X Blackfish vehicle transport for BLUFOR side to improve BLUFOR's armoured capabilities? At present the BLUFOR APC is pretty crappy in comparison against AAF or OPFOR having vehicle transport capability can improve the issue. This can easily be balanced by enabling OPFOR to choose between infantry and vehicle transport variant of xian.
  7. kullwarrior

    Trolling and Harassment on Game Servers

    I think this individual illustrates the issue with official server, there's no ban, the vote kick system is ineffective (you need a super majority to pass the motion to kick and the player can easily rejoin), and the game mode does not address his approach (change sides, moving package into the ocean)