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  1. Thanks a bunch! It seems to work like a charm. Just a quick question so I can improve my understanding of the whole: you have to run the EH-related bit of the code on the normal init.sqf because units placed by a Zeus are local while he's doing his thing? I see, in a couple days I'll be able to test all of it in real multiplayer scenario and see how it goes.
  2. Maybe I've misunderstood something, but I don't think I'll have to mess with players and player-related event handlers, because Chedakis aren't meant to be playable in the mission, they're just the AIs. CDF is the playable faction, and I don't need anything special for them. Yup, I did something quite bad, but it was a last ditch attempt just to see how things behaved. They worked, kind of, but since I knew it was like dropping a nuke to kill a mosquito, I thought I'd ask. Thanks to both for bringing that one event handler to my attention. I had double checked the Biki list but still missed it, probably because I was looking for "Zeus", but it's referred to as "Curator" when it comes to scripts. Could you guys help me to set it up? I know how to have it run code, but I'm unsure as to where I should put it to make it work.
  3. I'm working on a mission set in Chernarus where CDF battles ChDKZ, and I'd like to have every Chedaki guy wearing a balaclava. By having the initServer.sqf run {if (side _x == East) then {_x addGoggles (selectRandom ["rhs_balaclava", "rhs_balaclava1_olive"]}} forEach (allUnits); every editor-placed OPFOR unit has their nice balaclava without problems. However, since the mission will be played in multiplayer, a player managing Zeus will be adding more OPFOR units as needed. The code above, however, doesn't work for them, nor does it work for any OPFOR spawned via script, as expected. I've subsequently tried with something like while {true} do { {If ((side _x == East) and !((goggles _x) isEqualTo [""rhs_balaclava", "rhs_balaclava1_olive"])) Then {_x addGoggles (selectRandom [""rhs_balaclava", "rhs_balaclava1_olive"])}} forEach (allUnits); }; This seems to work even with OPFORs spawned via script. Balaclavas, however, appear to be "flashing" on the soldiers' heads: I assume this is happening because they are constantly being added to them, and I also suspect this would kill the overall performance in a real multiplayer game. I understand there's no real purpose on this one but aesthetics, however I would really love to know how to do it best, because with minor changes a script of this kind could be used to remove or add NVGs to AIs and such. Thanks in advice for your replies!