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  1. Hi! I have a problem finding the black taru pods in the Eden editor. I find them in the config viewer, so I know they are there, I also find them as Zeus, and three of them (Transport, bench and medical) are possible to reskin using right click and "Edit Vehicle Appearance". I want the fuel and ammo pods aswell and they are not listed as a placeble object in the "Assets", neither is it possible to use the "Edit Vehicle Appearance" option. Is there anyone who have a solution or who have struggled with this? I can supply more information or images if needed.
  2. Valeno

    Black Taru Pods?

    Do you have an alternative solution? I'm not very into the scripting yet, but this worked at least for when I tried. But I haven't tried with other players yet. I'm only going to use it for a short mission for my milsim group. Hate the CSAT texture.
  3. Valeno

    Black Taru Pods?

    Yes, I found it very strange too! Why haven't they made configurable ones of all the types, when there is already textures for them.
  4. Valeno

    Black Taru Pods?

    Thank you, this led me to the solution. I was able to find the texture in the config and could call the following snippet in the init: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "A3\Air_F_Heli\Heli_Transport_04\Data\Heli_Transport_04_Pod_Ext01_Black_CO.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [1, "A3\Air_F_Heli\Heli_Transport_04\Data\Heli_Transport_04_Pod_Ext02_Black_CO.paa"];