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  1. Thank you Thomas for your suggestions, definitely going to check that out. Any word if the Zombies and Demons work?
  2. Hey Thomas and Chernaruski, I was able to fix it, and it was both of your suggestions. Chernaruskis suggestions for adding the files of the atlis solved my "stuck on loading screen" issue , however I was stuck on the ground prone-style not able to move. so I read Thomas suggestion, my bat start file was directing a path to a file startupparameters, I miss understood someone from discord when they mention I had the @exileserver twice in my startup file, so I deleted it, when I re-added it it fix the "stuck on ground" error. Now I can play the game! Thank you guys for taking time out of your day to help this dumb-user.... Hey, I just wanted to ask, which mods do you recommend to load on the server that will not cause issues? Which mods do you use on the Livionia map? I am starting over from scratch here 🙂
  3. Hi Chernaruski, Here is my start bat: start start "Exile" /wait /high C:\arma3server\steamapps\common\Livonia\arma3server.exe -profiles=SC -config=C:\arma3server\steamapps\common\Livonia\@ExileServer\config.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -par=C:\arma3server\steamapps\common\Livonia\@ExileServer\StartupParameters.cfg I am not running infistar. I dont have a description.ext on my mission file, this could be my problem! So many questions in regards to this...: 1.) can I use my old Atlis description file would that work? 2.) I could not find it on the mission files on these forums. 3.) if its not too much trouble , do you mind sharing yours, if you have Livonia running. Thank you again for the all the help, Livonia reminds me a lot of Chernarus.
  4. Thank you for your quick reply Chernaruski, I did forget to mention that, I did just that barebones, I got rid of all the mods and scripts because I thought they were the culprit due to the recent release of the new map. Here is my full RPT script, not sure if these forums allow to do the "spoiler" just like the exile forums did back then.
  5. Hi team, I had an exile server running fine with the old default Altis map, but when I started over and tried to run in the new Livonia map , I cant not get it to run, I am stuck on the loading screen, here is further information: 1.) I have viewed the pineapple guide, and follow instructions 3 times. I am not new to this. 2.) I have downloaded the Livonia maps, and other downloads from the "Maps -Mission Files" from these forums. 3.) From my RPT file there are a few lines that stood out: 14:35:09 c:\bis\source\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 14:35:03 Mission Exile.Enoch: Missing 'description.ext::Header' 4.) yes, I have reached out to the support on the Discord channel, no luck. Please advise, I am eager to try out the new map on my Exile server. :(