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  1. So, basically, after you do a great job bringing Nicos home which is a real game-changer, the campaign relocates you to the Tololia camp. After you start the debriefing, the Beyond Recognition mission is given out to you. As usual, you have to Rearm yourself in this shack where all the stuff is. Rearm task marker is also there. In my case nothing happens when I go there. The Rearm script just won't initiate. And the only way to proceed to the mission is to wait 10 minutes and go with 0 armor and crappy guns. Which beats the purpose of scouting entirely. It all worked up to this point beautifully - every time I went to the rearm post the screen faded and then went back and the rearm would've been done. In this case it won't. Is this normal behavior at this point of the campaign? Is there maybe a console command to kick start the rearm script? * I've tried replaying, reverting the campaign to the point where you're being initially introduced to the new camp - didn't work. Please and thank you.
  2. Hey fellas! As the title suggests, I can't seem to be able to switch weapons on the A-10 (A-16-something) to GBU-12s. I tried hitting F, 1-0 buttons, I even checked in the the quick menu - nothing. In the cockpit on the panels I can see the GBUs are RDY. I think that means the plane has them and they are ready to go. I can switch though everything else ok. To be more specific, I can't complete the part where they mark an arty piece with a laser designator. Because of their painting I can't lock macers on that specific designated arty piece with T (the targeting square jumps from arty to the laser spot, and it doesn't lock). I also tried painting the target with on-board laser and it works. But still, I can't take out the target as the mission intends me to. Please help.