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    Road maps inverted

    As I was screwing with terrain builder I found out that objects angle has its part on the topic. Any suggestion what could cause this ? https://i.gyazo.com/c4106b46e7b40984a65bce578c36752a.mp4
  2. SGT.Immonen

    Road maps inverted

    Because it's impossible to achieve same result that I want with shapefiles. AI paths and road lines are offset from the center so I can't just change roadlib offset because that doen't help. Basicly I have two lines going oneway and one going other way. At the end of this object I have intersection as mentioned that just cant be created with shapefiles without AI paths going grazy. So in conclusion I need AI path Lod that object roads have Here is picture of my object that works perfectly with AI paths and everything. Only problem right now still is the problem mentioned above....
  3. SGT.Immonen

    Road maps inverted

    Hello everyone, I'm making my first terrain and i came across with little problem. It seems like my custom road objects for intersection are inverted. So they are darker when they should be lighter and vice versa. In these pictures my road object is on the left side and newer arma3 shapefile road on the other side. Pictures are taken dawn and noon. Both of these road types have same rvmat,nhoq and smdi files so I'm thinking the problem must have something to do with object builder itself? On the other hand all of my objects that I have made so far works fine with the exception of this intersection off course. At the moment I can't figure out this problem using a2 and a3 samples that BI has provided for us.