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  1. mods- Community Factions Project, Specialist Military Arms, RHS USAF, Aliabad Region, Poplox Artwork Supporter, Direone Relax Poses, Nikoaton Static Animations, Spec4Gear, GEARSOC
  2. Overwatch couldn't decide which photo looked better so I just threw both in mods - RHS USAF, Military Gear Pack, Aspis Gear (Retextures), Aliabad Region, ZSL Static Poses, Rismarck WW2 Pose Pack, Direone combat poses, Recolor, Specialist Military Arms, CUP Units, Community Factions Project, ACE, Poplox Artwork Supporter
  3. Russian Patrol mods- RHS AFRF, X-Cam- Taunus, Recolor, Direone relax poses, Rismarck ww2 pose pack, Nikoaton poses, GEARSOC, USP Patches
  4. All Ghillie'd Up mods- Chernarus Redux, CUP Weapons, Arma 3 Aegis, Direone combat poses, nikoaton poses, RHS AFRF, Recolor
  5. Clandestine Unit With A Captured Taliban Fighter mods- GEARSOC, RHS AFRF, RHS USAF, Community Factions Project, Lythium, Cup Units, TRYK Multiplay Uniforms, TAC Vests, Direone relax poses, nikoaton poses, Rismarck ww2 pose pack, Recolor
  6. Compromised mods- RHS USAF, CUP Units, Aliabad Region, Spec4Gear, USP Patches, Direone combat poses, nikoaton poses, Military Gear Pack, Naval Special Warfare Development Group - DEVGRU, 3CB Equipment, Recolor, Poplox animation supporter, Community Factions Project
  7. mods- Crye Gen 3 Uniforms (NATO Retexture), Specialist Military Arms, RHS USAF, CUP Terrain, CUP Core, Hazar-Kot Valley, Military Gear Pack, Community Factions Project, CUP Units, Spec4Gear, Aspis Gear (Retexture), Direone relax poses, Nikoaton poses, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, Recolor, Poplox Artwork Supporter
  8. JTF 2 Transporting Detainees based off this pic mods - RHS USAF, Spec4Gear, Aspis Retextures, Recolor, Poplox Artwork Supporter, Nikoaton poses, Direone combat poses, SMA, Community Factions Project, CUP Units
  9. Ambush mods- Cup Terrain, Cup Core, Cup Units, SMA, Recolor, Direone combat poses, nikoaton poses, Community Factions Project, TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms, RHS USAF, Aspis Retextures, Theseus Services
  10. Convoy mods- RHS USAF (Vehicles, Accessories), TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms (Shades), Aspis Retextures (Uniform), RR 6094 (Vest), Aliabad Region (Map), Recolor, GEARSOC (Faces)
  11. ST3 Operators Make an Arrest mods- Aliabad Region (Map), Spec4Gear (Uniforms and Vests), Community Factions Project (Uniforms, Backpacks, Helmets), Specialist Military Arms (Weapons, Accessories), NATO/RUS Weapons (NVG), Direone Combat Poses, Recolor, Under Siege Patches, GEARSOC (Faces)
  12. A-10 Bomb Strike on Taliban Convoy mods- RHS USAF, Community Factions Project, Cup Core, Cup Terrains
  13. CQB Training mods- RHS USAF, Recolor, Direone Combat Poses, Task Force Aspis, Military Gear Pack, NiArms Hk416, 3CB Equipment
  14. CCT's Observe A Successful A-10 Strike mods- RHS USAF (Uniforms, A-10, Helmet, Weapons), Task Force Aspis (Vests, Accessories) Military Gear Pack (Accessories), Aliabad Region (Map), 3CB Equipment (Backpack), Recolur, Direone Relax Poses, Nikoaton Static Animations, Recolor
  15. Weapons Training mods- RHS USAF, Military Gear Pack, Cup Core, Cup Terrains, Task Force Aspis, NATO/RUS Weapons, Direone combat and relax poses, Nikoaton static animations, Chernarus Winter, Niarms HK416 muzzle flashes added in via photoshop