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    remove team killing from 5v5 elimination

    This doesnt stop repeated games of them continously doing it, there needs to be a "timeout ban system" in place to help this from happening even further so for example (if they get kicked out from 2 games for teamkilling within 24hr span they get a 1hr timeout ban from playing the gamemode if they continue to do it after the 1st timeout ban the 2nd timeout ban increases to like 4hr timeout ban from the gamemode and etc. I think this would help crack down on people wanting to teamkill.)
  2. I love the new Elimination mode but i think some key features need to be added to it such as ingame voicechat, penalty system for teamkilling, also maybe a way to party up with a full team for it. But for the most part, the mode is overall a good addition to mix it up. Like the new map its on but would love to how the mode plays on the OG maps in the future. Also maybe could add consumables to the loadouts like health items or explosives, or could place random crates on the map to find them. But all in all Good Job on the Update😁😁😁
  3. AceWonder


    Ive brought this idea up so many times in the past but people wanted Mortars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣
  4. AceWonder

    Latest updates?

    And people thought the adding wildlife was not a good idea lmfao Mortars🤣🤣🤣 next itll be call in a chopper gunner for S5
  5. AceWonder


    Getting off the ladder once you get to the top of them is terrible, a baby could do it faster 🤣🤣🤣
  6. AceWonder

    Unneecesary grind

    Currently there isn't much endgame content other than the BP to complete for each season. Ive thought about this plenty of times because once you max out the shelter the looting aspect becomes irrelevant, other than collecting xp for it. I totally agree with the game starting to feel like another shooter/deathmatch game. I think more emphasis need to be put on the survival/looter aspect to separate it more from the common shooter/BR. Also thinks there needs to be more story elements added to the game. Along many things at the shelter that could be expounded upon such as the radio that sits in the kitchen area, the vigor arcade game upstairs, the vinyl record player(maybe they could add vinyl records to finds as mementos to be able to change the shelter music with 80s popular music) not to mention the fishing deck which I hope happens since there is a fishing rack next to the house. This game has a lot of potential, I just hope the right decision are made effectively by the vigor team for the future of the game.
  7. Thought of an idea to be able to call in a airdrop early, so there could be random place dead survivor's body on the map kinda like in the tutorial and if you loot their body(the body is not marked on the map). you will find a flare gun and when you shoot it into the air it will cause the airdrop to come in early and be dropped nearby the flare location.
  8. AceWonder

    Call in early airdrop Idea

    that's why u make multiple locations(20+) for it to be placed, theres a lot of space on each map for it to be hidden and also it doesn't have to be in every game. make it so theres a 50/50 chance that it get placed on the map, on top of tons of places it could be found.
  9. AceWonder

    Two Game-Hurting Bugs

    the chest problem always happen to me when I find them in a barn and its on top of the wooden crates
  10. We miss yall beautiful faces!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 HAHAHAH But forreal we'll like to hear, whats in store for the future since Rona got everybody panicking like Mr. Krabs!!!!!!!!
  11. I know this idea has been brought in the past and has been shot down but I want to revisit this because I thought of a creative way it could be introduce. This new map could be a way to experiment with wildlife being thrown into the mix as a new threat, while also offering a new challenge to reward players. So we know all current maps have 3 main POIs(Barred, Comms, Radio Tower), adding a new POI for the wildlife map could be a Wolves Den or Bear Cave where the wildlife would be located on the map. I know there have been talks of adding a new types of loot/creates. So what if these new items where placed in these locations where players would have to defeat the wildlife there to obtain it. Tell me what you think about it.
  12. AceWonder

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    Guess adding napalm strikes for S4 would be lovely then
  13. AceWonder

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    I think youre forgetting this is a survival game 🤣🤣
  14. AceWonder

    Adding a new map with wildlife

    Its a game youre thinking way too deep bro
  15. AceWonder

    Throwables Items

    I think there should be new throwables items for Season 4 like cocktails, smoke grenades and tear gas. These could definitely change the tide of excessive camping that goes on with airdrop and exits, also help flush out buildings.
  16. AceWonder

    Throwables Items

    So are you saying throwables would be bad!?!?!?
  17. AceWonder

    Fix Day Z1 way or another.

    Wrong Game🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. AceWonder

    In-game event

    I was thinking of a in-game event that could create alil spice in the encounters. Like the Airdrop plane that comes in could be shot down out of nowhere and crash on the map and players would have to go the crash site and collect the airdrop. Or there could be a new random helicopter that flies over the map and get shot down which could have valuable loot at its crash site similar to barred house but better.
  19. AceWonder

    In-game event

  20. AceWonder

    In-game event

    This would defeat the purpose of the comm station unless they replace it with something else
  21. AceWonder

    In-game event

  22. AceWonder

    Leaderboard not showing

    Your not the only one
  23. I've said this for a long time but this needs to stop cause it implies a Pay-to-Win model for the game. This takes away the significance of actually playing the game grinding for gear and loot. If we can just buy everything then theres no real purpose for airdrops in encounters. I know the game needs to produce money but don't let the focus of that diminish the value of core mechanics of what was intended for the game. New weapons and items should always be earned through gameplay, I know the current way to introduce those are the purchase of the Battlepass system but I don't think the premium version should offer the plans for those items. The Battlepass should be used introduce those items by giving a certain amount of those, for example( the free version of the S3 BP level 5 gives 3 MP5s, the Premium version could give you a additional 3 more MP5s). I don't think the Battlepass should offer the crafting plans for any new item but simply give a taste of what they bring to the new season, which makes you want to grind to earn the crafting plan in a airdrop. So I don't think that crafting plans should be offered in the Battlepass or in the Store going forward.
  24. The crown issue could easily be solved, if the antenna was reverted back to the original production structure(max was like 30 or 45 crowns per day I think it was) when it was first introduce. Also with that being said keep the same pricing structure(currently) for items offered in the store, this would allow them to still make revenue. Material's cost to make items are pretty fair considering the fact that you can make a pretty decent amount of them constantly and you receive them from encounters. The RNG for the crates I can't argue with because that's what helps create the purpose of the grind for them.
  25. AceWonder

    Need more things in the Shelter

    Totally agree but sad to say. Most of the ideas that you mention I would expected some to be included at the FTP launch for this type of game but since then the direction has changed from the whole emphasis on a survival looter-shooter. I've been playing since the founder launch and nearly unlocked every single gun in the game and have yet to max out every shelter improvement since the focus of the game has basically shifted to just a survival deathmatch. I really don't see the need to focus on leveling them all up to max level other than the bench for weapons or more food production to turn-in for crates, but other than that no need to waste too much time on them. I feel the game is starting to fall into the trend of a BR shooter which saddens me.