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    Teaming up?!

    I've been killed by Duo's a few time, how are they teaming up? just having a stand-off and assuming each other to be friendly I suppose and then following each other?
  2. JakeyChappers

    My own experience of Vigor

    Yeah it isn't so much a problem with damage, just accuracy and registering hits really
  3. JakeyChappers

    My own experience of Vigor

    I'm really enjoying the game and the idea of it despite some obvious downsides which everyone has already mentioned. Obviously the shooting needs improvement, I've had the same problem as others where someone will run at me from 100m away with a melee weapon and no matter if I use ADS, Third person or hip fire they seem to take no damage at any distance. This doesn't happen if I'm having a shoot out with someone though, I've got several kills on people who have guns but melee weapons seem to make you immune. I like the fact you can spend as much time on the map as you want, some games I've just done a smash and grab for materials and extracted 2 minutes later, others I've stuck it out for better gear and kills. Really good idea for a game, still enjoying it despite areas for improvement. Maybe have more of a tutorial to explain how the shelter and upgrades work, how to dismantle weapons for parts to then receive a blueprint etc. I managed to self-learn this by messing about but many of my mates with this game have no idea and there's not really any guide on it.