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  1. https://imgur.com/OW54PTu When I try to import a character p3d from the Arma 3 Samples it comes up as this. I'm using Steam Blender and version 3.0.4
  2. The F-35 has no radar at all, it has "sensors" that have a max range of 2 or 4km and isn't very effective.
  3. Blackburn _kicks

    Firewill Standalone Series Release Thread

    Any plans for a F35? There isn't one that is currently working properly and your quality is by far the best when it comes to Arma 3 Jets.
  4. Blackburn _kicks

    [WIP] FFAA V6 (Spanish Army Mod)

    I seem to remember there were plans for a Juan Carlos LHD and there were some images on Armaholic. If so is this still in the works?