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    wow guy just clam down and wait for them to get to them okay. they are working as hard as they can okay.
  2. I been playing the game for about 5 day and I fell in love with the game and I would love to see these game get the hype It deserve. So I been thinking about what type of gun would I like to see in the game. So here are some of my thought. Heckler & Koch PSG1-sniper Puşca Semiautomată cu Lunetă- sniper SSG 82- sniper VSS Vintorez- sniper AS Val- assault rifle Heckler & Koch HK33- assault rifle SIG SG 540- assault rifle Heckler & Koch HK CAWS- shotgun Saiga-12- shotgun Franchi SPAS-15- shotgun FN P90- smg PPD-40- smg M2 Hyde- smg Colt 9mm SMG- smg Heckler & Koch MK23- pistol Heckler & Koch USP- pistol SIG P210- pistol Walther P88- pistol RGD-5- grenade F1 grenade (Russia)- grenade So these are some of the weapon I would like to see come to the game. So I ask the community what weapon would you like to see come to the game?