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    Grenade M67

    You have one more than me and i feel they are only in airdrops and then super rare as ive searched army sections of maps repeatedly and found nothing
  2. fodder606

    I cant loot bodys

    This has just happened to me with an airdrop
  3. fodder606

    A little feedback

    First of all thank you for the chance to take part in the testing, personaly i realy like this game. I have had some real heart pounding moments from running for my life while being shot at by 3 people from different directions to opening a door to see someone right outside with their back to me only to find i have no weapons so quickly closing the door i left via a window. As for sugestions being able to craft etc while in a que for an encounter would be nice but i agree that the loadout should not be changable the other one was ive seen alot of people say about wait times but i feel this will be solved when more people have access and being able to still move with the map open
  4. This is a good idea i was thinking something along these lines last night while playing
  5. fodder606

    Xbox Insider Age Issue

    Try using the master profile to change the other profile age info
  6. fodder606

    Excitement thread

    Im checking my email about 20 times a day cant wait