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    Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty?

    Hey, i'm a new to ArmA 3 and late to this thread, but I think i have a possible theory on to who CSAT are. I think CSAT are derived from BRICS, the economic alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This checks off the fact it has Canton in the name, as well as it mentions on the wiki that CSAT is made up of Asian (Russia, India, China) South American (Brazil) and North African countries. Perhaps in this universe Iran has it's sanctions taken off and it's able to becomes part of BRIICS. Under the same sort of guise of NATO, BRIICS decided to have it's own military alliance. In the later years of CSAT forming, Syria, and possibly some North African countries like Libya also join. So yeah, I think CSAT is made up of BRIICS and the addition of Syria and some north African countries like Libya