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  1. Hello, About us We are a currently small (12) group who have been together for about 20 years playing all kinds of realistic games. Starting from WW2 Combat flying games (Warbirds) to BattleField and from World of Warships to ARMA. A mature community which plays games in a semi strict way and also hosts an annual 4 day LAN "party" for EUROCON where we play, drink and have fun with around 40 friends and foes. Next year is the 20th anniversary. Don't let the age of our group scare you - most of us still feel in our 20's :) Anyway we are looking for fresh blood to join our ranks. Communication If you are european based, speak well enough english (or dutch) and have a mature mindset, I would like to invite you to join us on our server. Because we are running our unique 24/7 custom scenario the server is password protected. During our missions we use TFAR as comms, and ofcourse host our own TS. Scenario This scenario is called "Virtual BattleGround" (or VBG) and is created by me and uses some of the best available small mods around and scripts to have the best gaming experience. VBG is ran 24/7 and is truly dynamic. With eachother we gather weapons and ammo and gear from doing missions and share those along. It's important to manage the ammo and weapons! All 1stROF members have their own private crates where you can store your own gear and use that when you go on mission. The mission runs both on Altis and Tanoa but can run on any map without any scripting. Conclusion An european based, friendly and mature group looking for new cadets to join our ranks. You are invited to tag along on our server. On Thursday nights we have our 'official' Squadnights. Find us on http://forum.1strof.com Tell us about yourself and tag alone! (ps we have just moved our board after 14 years, so it's empty right now, don't let that assume that we are dead) Stevie CO 1st.ROF 322nd SQN THE NETHERLANDS www.1strof.com