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    Unit insignia not working after changing it

    Try connecting to an official server. While connected, check if it appears on your arm. If it does, then it will work from now on.
  2. Delta1234567

    Tactical Myrmidons

    https://units.arma3.com/unit/tacticalmyrmidons https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tacticalmyrmidons We all have are real lives and obligations. Games should be fun and relaxing. Yet to fully enjoy Arma 3 one must play tactically, to reap the rewards of planning a mission and excecuting it with their friends. For that reason, Tactical Myrmidons exist. Games should be fun, but also creative. To solve a tactical problem, combat tactics will be used, orders will be followed, and during the game, there will be a certain structure to the ranks of the players. The satisfaction of achieving the goal of the mission while using teamwork is key for us. But nevertheless, this is a community for people to experience friendship, camraderie, and generally relax from their everyday lives. Thats exactly what we aim for in this group - Serious fun. Can't wait to play with you. European Timezones. Events start at Noon GMT.