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  1. Mephios

    0X2000 ban or no ban

    The reason I am refering to a ban, is because most other posts I have read about this issue wer ban due to Team Killing and they were temporary. My game has been uninstalled for months, I just reinstalled it yesterday and this was the result. I just would like to know how to fix it
  2. This is the first time in over a few months that I wanted to play, I just reinstalled the game today and tries to log in for the first time about 10 min ago and i got the error "Couldnt log into Bohemia Interactive 0X2000" not sure what this means a temp ban, but not sure how that applies to me since I have had the game uninstalled for months. If I could get some help or explanation that would be fantastic, or even a fix would be better. Thank you in advance.