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  1. Great! I look forward to play with
  2. Hello I understood that to go to you to work later on planes German of the end of the war(45/46) as"TA 152" Are you going to do the Arado 234? it's juste a question of course :-) And congratulation for the work on boats it is brilliant!
  3. Thank you for having answered DSabre
  4. erreur: error=creating magazine sab_1rnd_genericbomb_500_mag_IFA with scope=private it's probably the problem which does that the ia does not use bombs
  5. I tried with everything types of bomb the IA plane uses only the machine gun
  6. TheCr8rMaker I tried with a bomber which attacks a tank the result is the same the plane doesn't use its bombs :-/
  7. TheCr8rMaker Thank you for having taken time to answer me :-)
  8. Hello, IA pilots never uses plane's bombs i don't know why........When I sending bombers piloted by IA they always attack with their machine gun :-/ ps(sorry i speak very bad english i am french)