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  1. So. I have Arma 3 for quite some time now, but never felt it's the right time to start it. Especially while using RX460 gpu.. Although, decided to give it another shot today. Joined one of the official servers. Group was quite toxic and non-helpful, but who cares.. I'm new, gotta deal with it. Was just waiting for mission to start so I can get experience going.. Was waiting there for approximately 1 hour, surrounded by toxic behaviour, teamkills and most idiotic conversations ever. It's cool, I'm new, if this is the way how guys relax around here, who cares - let them be. Finally mission was starting and I wasn't invited in squad. Lost 1 hour of life just to get kicked when it was about to get going. Thanks, Johnny, my squad leader or whatever you were. Good job! Great game, great community. Congrats ;)
  2. Yeah, I was just a bit off with that post. Made an account here just to take off some steam after that game. I didn't do anything that would deserve me a kick, probably the reason of all saltiness was waiting so long for a game that never happened. I've been a part of few old gaming communities and would never treat a newbie like that. Appreciate your comment man, at this very moment playing Arma 3 with guys that accepted me as a newcomer and it's cool. Ingame fps is the only thing that gives me hard time atm :D Take care.