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  1. Hi nettrucker I converted my Cfgsounds into Cfgradio and now the sounds works perfectly while in the helicopter! Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello Everyone! So I'm making a custom campaign for me and some of my friends to play coop. So far I have been using audacity to create sounds files and declaring them with the description.ext using "class cfgsounds". So first I record my audio, then distort the voice and add static to simulate a radio effect, then I simply create a trigger that will play the sounds using the in game UI under EFFECT --> ANONYMOUS ---> MOB1(my custom radio sounding ogg file). So far it has worked great! Everyone can hear the sounds, it sounds like comms over a radio, its plenty loud and clear, and everything is great! On the 3rd mission I have all players inside a flying helicopter and attempt to use the same technique as the previous missions but for some reason the audio is so quiet that I couldn't even tell it was playing unless I listened very closely. I've tried using audacity to amplify the sound to insane values, use the "cfgsounds" to increases the volume, but no matter what I try the sound is still near silent and muffled. I tried to search around google, armaholic, and here to no avail. Does anyone know why the sound is so quiet in helicopters? Or even better, how to make the volume and clarity normal? Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Thanks for the fast reply SOCS! Is there a way to put a soldier directly into an agony state via scripting? Perhaps its possible to set respawn for the map to "INSTANT" and then the moment the soldier respawns another script can force them into agony? In essence this would achieve the same outcome I'm looking for.
  4. Hello Everyone! Been making some missions for me and my friends on Chernarus and I am using the FIRST AID modules. As the system works currently, sometimes we take non-lethal damage and enter agony, and sometimes we die flat out (then turn into a crow). My desire is to make it to where we never die but still have the ability to receive damage and enter a state of agony. Is there a way to script non lethal damage into the units me and my friends occupy? Thanks for your time guys!
  5. That makes sense now that you point out the need for a defined variable. This works perfectly! Thank you so much for the help!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to scripting in Arma but I've been getting back into editing Arma 2 recently and have been having trouble with CreateDiaryRecord through triggers. I've been able to make diary entries show up fine through the briefing.sqf with player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Jackal's Location", "The Jackal's farm house is located coordinates 044124."]]; but I am trying to have the diary be blank at mission start and then have the Diary entry from a trigger. But when I use player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Jackal's Location", "The Jackal's farm house is located coordinates 044124."]]; in the On Act. of a trigger I get the message "Type Diary record, expected nothing". When I searched createDiaryRecord the two syntax I see are createDiaryRecord [subject, [title, text](, task(, state))]; AND createDiaryRecord [subject, text(, task(, state))] I've played around entering different things for "task" and "state" but I'm not exactly sure whats suppose to fill those spaces. Am I simply using the wrong script to fill the diary with a trigger so it appears the same way as when I use the briefing.sqf?