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  1. Marcus86

    RQ-11B Raven for Arma3

    Hi guys, i recently tried this mod and it is still awesome! The problem which appeared when I used the updated modversion (2.1.7) I wasn't able to control the camera-feed. With the original version everything is fine. Anyone here with the same issue? Best, Leibniz
  2. Hi there, I tested some versions of the Arma 2-ported AH-64D Longbow v1.43+ modded and published by Nodunit and Franze. They gave it to open source so there are a lot of interested diligently working people working on this mod so far. Recently I downloaded a version of this mod but unfortunately I neither find it on the steam workshop anywhere nor anywhere else on the internet again. Hardfacts: Name: @AH-64D Longbow by N&F (64bit v1.43+) Downloaded on: 04/13/2018, 19:52 Downloaded where: steam workshop Size: 300 MB/302 MB Maybe some of you can help me finding the author of this version to maybe work together a bit more on this great mod! Thx guys