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  1. Hello! I'm representing the group, "Task Force Team Six". We're open to a wide variety of people interested in different aspects of Arma 3 COOP milsim. "TSIX", as referred to in game, is a crisis response unit that usually supports national militaries in special operations around the globe. The group is a fair mix of casual and serious. We don't adhere to strict realistic values but during operations, do act tactically. Operators are fully supported to specialise into a role of their choice, and if that role does not exist, can create guidelines for its possible implementation into the unit. Most of our players are European but if you can make operation times of 8 pm (GMT+1), preferably twice a week, then come aboard! Here's our TS - http://TSIX.ts-ip.com Page - http://tsix.enjin.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/task_six Come on to our TS to talk to someone who can interview you quickly :)