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    Game Wont Update

    I don't mean to be impatient, but is there an estimated date on when 1.82 for mac users will come out?
  2. MacTonite

    Game Wont Update

    Now Theres 1.82 i got to wait for, when will mac users be able to play with 1.82?
  3. MacTonite

    Game Wont Update

    "Currently" does that mean i can join 1.8 servers in the future?
  4. MacTonite

    Game Wont Update

    So i need to update battleye?
  5. MacTonite

    Game Wont Update

    Hello. I was recently gifted Arma by a friend through steam. I downloaded it and launched it, but when we tried to join a 1.80 server i couldn't. It said I had a different version of arma. I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the game, verifying the game files trying to force an update, but nothing seems to work. I use a Mac, If you need any other information about my computer i will provide it.