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  1. Hi Bnae, how are you? Do you planed to add a modern shotgun to your addon?(pump action or semi-auto) or your busy with other things?
  2. Hi guys its been a while since the last post, so im gonna write something! New gun release before or after the tank dlc?That is the question! (A 120mm pistol would be fun) More seriously how are you doing Bnae sensei?
  3. QQryu

    Project Infinite [Poll]

    Hi Bnae, are you gonna make the sig 516 patrol rifle too? Or just the winner of the poll?(i personally prefer the sig556 patrol, you know the one with the charging handle) Anyway love your mod, keep up the good work! ps: HK433 for the win boys!!!!
  4. Hi Bnae hope your doing good! I have an idea for a new AR for your mod, the HK433! Its the brand new AR from H&K and its like the g36, HK416 and g3 had a threesome and 9 month later this thing was "born". It use 5.56 ammo, g3 style charging handle and since it came out in 2017 no one ever made it in any video game so you could be the first one ;) Anyway i love your mod and whatever you chose its gonna be great! Have a nice day