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  1. Been having issue with AA vehicles not able to lock up aircraft to fire as well as vehicles like the Z-10w not being able to target ground vehicles. Is this a user error on my part or does it just not work yet? I can usually get like a box up of the target but it never locks.
  2. I realized the Mi-17's have no sound, as well as the larger planes. The Artillery battery's recoil tends to roll it over or near glitch it into the g round when it's fired and many of the static emplacements seem to have no visual model that they are in fact manned. Also, the z-18 despite having the visual model for multiple seats, only fits one person. I'm hoping this has all been noted before and addressed or can be fixed before the next update. We're using this pack in the next few months for operations so I'm really hoping to get a hold of the update with fixes before then. Great work thus far.
  3. I'm sure this has been something brought up before, but will the F/A-18 see any sort of toggle for afterburners. Only reason why people in the group I'm in decided against using it is because they deem it too slow to be competitive against the SU-35 or other aircraft that do. If they're not complaining about the speed they're complaining about the maneuverability. I suppose too when compared with Firewill's Growler, they have a point but regardless. I tend to appreciate the detail and heavier feeling of this flight model but 800km/h vs 1250 km/h on firewills is substantial enough to render it lacking apparently.