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  1. I know this is 2 months old and you might have solved this already but if you still need help my discord is DillPickle#9194
  2. Just messing around with some scripts for Exile, working on a hacking script, yea I know its probably bad to use those but I'm just messing around figuring out some stuff.
  3. I realized I messed something up in the code, I fixed it, but thanks for the reply. EDIT: I realized I was putting false, false, instead of false, true so it wasn't global.
  4. Just a quick example of what I want to do. Set a variable on an object example a car. Car1 setVariable["PlayerSetName", player, true]; player setVariable["ThisIsACar", true, true]; Then once those are set, I want a different player/client to call another script that does this. _Test1 = Car1 getVariable["PlayerSetName",0]; _Test1 setVariable["ThisIsACar", false, false]; The code only works for the client that called the script and has his own name set in the variable. If a different player calls the script it will not set for the other player, even though the other player does see the variable correctly. I've tried bis_fnc_mp, remoteExec, and setting a global variable, the other client sees all the variables but just can't set it for the other player.