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  1. In the ACE3 mod, the Kestrel 4500 gadget displays us the wind speed (among other things) at our current location. By pressing Shift+K, we can then determine direction. These two parameters must go into our ATragMX in order to properly compute scope adjustments for our sniper rifles. Now...here's the issue. The wind at one location is NOT THE SAME as the wind 1000m away, at my target. Here's the scenario. This was done in the VR Arsenal. There's no wind when I first spawn into the VR Arsenal. I walk up to one of the white boxes and bipod down. I acquire one of the dummy targets 1000 meters way. I enter all needed information into the ATragMX and it tells me to zero for 8mil vertical and .29L horizontal. Okay, there's no wind...but it's telling me to zero to the left anyways. It must be the Coriolis and Magnum effects. Fine. I take aim and fire. The bullet goes way too far to the side. Why does this happen? I entered all the info correctly! I begin jogging towards my target. It turns out, after about 100 meters, the wind starts to change! It goes from zero wind to 3 dots of wind to the right! Sure enough, the wind is blowing at 3.3 meters/second all the way at my target's location. The Kestrel only gives me wind speed at my location. It says nothing about the wind 1000 meters away. How do I account for this? Is this just something I have to live with? Is it an artifact of the VR Arsenal? Why is the wind different 1000 meters away, and how can I detect this?
  2. I'd like to run a custom version of escape malden with my friends, the only difference being that an arsenal box is present at the beginning so we can pick our loadouts at the beginning. Is this even possible?
  3. Thank you, this worked perfectly!