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  1. Oh thank you! Appears that if you don't know how to script you're pretty much stranded in a hole of limited ideas and features... Thank you again!
  2. KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE READING BELOW: Here I am talking about the scenario editor, and the lacking features. And if you are just going to tell me that I should play the official gamemodes, I Would do that if not for the lack of multiplayer features (Like ranks to balance teams out & the ability to vote kick) and lack of CO-OP (me and my friend only, without random children spamming their microphone and not playing) features. Hello everyone at Argo forums! I was recently making a scenario to play with my friends using the Editor, and my god does it lack Everything. So here are some things that I Really Really want to be implemented into the editor and the game itself. Here's the list: Make it so you can open your inventory (Check 4th 5th statements) and equip items. Add civilians that we can spawn in. Add actually working ammo boxes into the Props spawn menu so we could re-supply mid-battle. There is no way to equip a different scope to your weapon when you pick a scope up from the ground Can't equip different armor/vests/headgear mid-battle I can't see myself and my friends on the map/minimap When starting a custom scenario, in the menu where you can select the team/character you want to be, There is no way of knowing which character has what loadout. This is the end of My list of things that break the scenario editor/scenarios for me. But feel free to add to this list in the comments below! I would really thank the Argo Developer Team if they were to read this and leave a comment! Thank you!