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  1. braedontx08

    help please

    if anyone makes a server please inform me here
  2. braedontx08

    Can't play browser version.

    its fixed
  3. braedontx08

    help please

    so i cant make a server for the multiplayer version of the game and i want to play with other could someone please start a server because it wont let and i have the latest version of firefox
  4. braedontx08

    Minidayz browser edittion wont work

    thanks you bohemia for fixing the problem i logged on today and played allitle bit of single player but im still looking for a multiplayer server
  5. braedontx08

    Minidayz browser edittion wont work

    I also don't know if this is for everyone or its just me and ive activated my account
  6. braedontx08

    Minidayz browser edittion wont work

    ive tried every browser too
  7. so what happens is when I sign into the website it just brings me to the account settings and when I head back to the website im still not signed in. if I ignore it and just click multiplayer or single player it brings me back to the account settings I do this repeitadly and nothing changes please help