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  1. Thanks. I'll try that script in the link you mentioned see if it changes anything. I've seen mods that increase the suppression effect on ai in arma 3, I wonder if those mods increase/correct the lack of suppression effect for heavy gunners and machinegunners added by the DLC. If you do that same scenario but replace the 3 heavy gunners with autoriflemen, the autoriflemen actually have a decent chance of winning that fight due to their suppression effect and as long as none of the riflemen escape and flank them, effectively removing them from the area affected by the suppression. I sometimes feel that fire from heavy gunners doesn't seem to have any suppression effect at all.
  2. I also find the lack accuracy of the heavy gunners and machinegunners to be annoying and the fact that a squad of heavy gunners and machinegunners vs a squad of riflemen will lose to the riflemen almost all the time to be highly unrealistic, it really ruins the immersion somewhat. I'm actually in this forum looking for answers on how to resolve this problem after I noticed it in the editor. At least I know I'm not the only one that is bothered by this. Additionally, I noticed that the suppression effect on ai from autoriflemen easily makes up for the fact that it takes longer for them to hit their target compared with riflemen (which is nice), however after testing in the editor in plain vanilla arma 3, I noticed that for machinegunners and heavygunners there doesn't seem to be much of a suppression effect on the ai from their fire. If ever suppression from heavy weapons like machineguns should actually be far greater than that from rifles with large magazines. I'm not sure if it's because of their accuracy or something else. From what I know machinegunners and heavy gunners are all from the DLCs of arma 3 and not the base game. Did anybody else experience this problem with suppression from lmgs or just me?