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  1. BunkerBuster73

    Thirsk Island

    ok, thank you! I will try
  2. BunkerBuster73

    Thirsk Island

    ok, thank you I will double check. I'm running a scenario where it's used but Is not loading.
  3. BunkerBuster73

    Fifty Shades Mod Set

    Very good job! I've a question. Do you think is possible to let import your "head" with photorealistic textures ? I've create my face in p3d and I have texture linked but I not know how to add the heat to Arma3 model/skeleton. Thank you NightStalker
  4. BunkerBuster73

    Thirsk Island

    The Scenario seems very nice but I think there's no more support on it from the dev. Workshop inform that Thirsk Island mod is not more compatible with Arma3. Raunhofer are you available to help to give some advice on it ? If not anybody have solved it or know how to fix it ? Thank you NightStalker
  5. Hi WhitelionX! Nobody of the development team is still active ? Was a very nice and powerful project! Bunker