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  1. lilhoser89

    Steam Linked to another BI account

    Here’s an update and the reason anyone would be fed up I got an email back over a week later saying “if you want to link your account sign into account.bistudios.com” lol that’s it. But I’ll ask it again I’m trying to link my Steam account to the BI account I recently created. It is the only one I use and the one I’m using to explain in this message right now. Now when I’m in the process of linking by clicking the steam icon in the lower left part of my BI account and I click sign in through steam I am then displaying a message in red saying “This Steam account has already been linked to another BI account”. So 1. I’m confused because I’ve never tried to link my steam to BI before so why has it been linked already? 2. There is no way of finding the BI account that my steam has been linked too. So I’m left with nothing to go off besides repeating my questions and trying to be more detailed than I am now. Because all they can say is “If you want to link your steam account sign into account.bistudios.com and wait another few weeks for another super helpful message. Like really? https://imgur.com/a/b6pjJ
  2. lilhoser89

    Steam Linked to another BI account

    funny you say Its been weeks no reply on any emails so I decided to take to the forums now.
  3. lilhoser89

    Steam Linked to another BI account

    somebody has to have something on this I've seen some other posts but nothing addressed. and BI support I'm sorry is just garbage they do not respond to emails on the subject either.
  4. I am currently running into the issue of my steam account is already linked to a bohemia profile. How can I find out which profile I've never linked my steam to BI before so I don't know how this is possible.